Sell High speed rewinder

High speed rewinder
SGD280A/B High speed rewinder
It is practical one which is used plastic spear parts looks better-constuction and shortcut; can be used r air-jet, water-jet etc.

Technical parameter

Type:two sides and layers(A) , one sides and two layers(B)

Applird winding bobbin:L220, L280

Range of yarn using:cotton, man, made poly, poly etc

Number of spindles:96, increase according to 16 spindles(A) ;48, increase or decrease according to 8 spindles(B) ;

Max speed:400m/min

Style of wind:double

Electic power:1.5kwW4machine(A) ;1.5kwW2 machine(B)

Size:96Double, L11050Ww900WH1850mm

Weight:about 2500kg