Sell High stretch, continuous TPU tape for garment Industry

High stretch, continuous TPU tape for garment Industry You May Also Be Interested In: infant wear semi transparent tpu tpu tape
Huiya mobilon tape is superelastic, ultra thin and transparent tpu tape. Tpu(thermoplastic olyurethane) material is friendly to human beings, and huiya tpu tape rounder edges offer more comfortable feeling to skin. In spite of tpu tape's excellent benefits, because of its high cost, it had been used in only limited field. Consequently, huiya tpu tape was developed on reasonable cost with full range of tpu tape's benefits, and become one of the leading
Standard&economical products in the industry.
Unique features:
Excellent elasticity
Ultra thinner & lighter than rubber in the same stretch power;
Transparent-no need of`color-matching`to fabric
Good washable, quick drying, dry cleanable
Friendly to skin
Smoothly rounder edge protect your skin from irritation-no film cut type
Friendly to environment
No affected by oil, chlorine, sweat, cosmetic & seawater
No losing elasticity in cold or hot environment
Super durable elasticity with stretching over thousand times
Grainy surface for smooth sewing
Excellent needle-hole strength
Reducing loss of material-no need of dye different colors
Shoulder in-band
Sweater, t-shirt, lingerie, infant wear, diapers, , briefs, disposable clothing, swimwear, doll's wear, shoe cover, sportswear, mask&cap, bra straps, intimate apparel
Material:100% thermoplastic polyurethane
Looks: Semi-transparent(light-blue. ) other colors available.
Elongation: Over 300%
Packing: Continuously festooned in a poly bag
No. W T L
Hy0312 3 0.12 2400
Hy0316 3 0.16 1800
Hy0410 4 0.10 2200
Hy0412 4 0.12 1800
Hy0412 4 0.14 1650
Hy0510 5 0.10 1750
Hy0512 5 0.12 1500
Hy0608 6 0.08 2000
Hy0610 6 0.10 1500
Hy0612 6 0.12 1300
Hy0812 8 0.12 900
Hy1012 10 0.12 700
Hy1016 10 0.16 600
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
20,000kgs per month.
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