Sell High temperature nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries(D5000mAh)

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In certain electrical apparatus, it is required that the battery equipped to be charged at lower current and under relative high temperature environment(up 500) . Under such a condition, the normal batteries owing to the limits of their structure and material can't be fully charged, and thus low discharge capacity occurs, it is no help even if the charge time is extended. high temperature batteries have been developed aiming to such special application by adopting material and technology. We ensure that the type of batteries have the features of the high charge efficiency trickle charge condition under high temperature, as well as prolonged cycle life and safety. Batteries characteristics:1. Compared with the normal battery with the same size, the high temperature batteries not only have full advantages of the high charge efficiency at very low current and high temperature, but also have the approximate electrical characteristics as those of the normal battery. 2. Compared with the Ni-Cd high temperature battery, the Ni-MH high temperature battery can reach the same capacity in smaller size. It hence saves space for the electrical apparatus. Also as it is well known that Ni-MH battery is environmental friendly battery, but the price of the Ni-Cd high temperature batteries is cheaper than that of the Ni-MH high temperature batteries.
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