Sell High temperature-resistance fire fiberglass sleeving

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KL-SRF, is weaved into tubes by the glass fiber or special non-alkali glass fibers and coated with a thick cover of the iron oxide red/blue silicone, it can stop the melting iron splash and high-temperature and flames. It has a fire-retardant, insulation, thermal insulation and anti-electricity. These features make it applicable to the protection of the cable and pipeline under the bad environment. It may expose continuously in 2600 but the high temperature does not damages it, It may bear 10000 the high temperature, 10000 the puncture test may continue for a half hour, a half hour later outside the coating starts to carbonize, but the glass fiber is perfect. Its fire-retardant properties can effectively prevent persons who are in the high temperature environment, can save substantial loss of thermal energy costs. Products are mainly used in steel plants, smelters, mining, oil, glass factory for high temperature equipment's fire protection, heat insulation and cable insulation protection.