Sell High-temperature synthetic fiber needled felt filter material

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The high-temperature synthetic fiber needled felt is made with a certain amount of synthetic fiber blended into the felt. Synthetic fiber includes P84, PPS, Kermal and PTFE. They have stronger interlocking capability. Compared with pure glass fiber needled felt, the peeling strength between felt and base fabric and friction resistance has increased 3 or 4 folds. Thus its service life is strikingly prolonged. It is mainly used for dust separation of coal-fired boiler and precious metal recovery in non-ferrous metallurgy.
Technical data of High-temperature synthetic fiber needled felt

Specification Type PPS Metax P84 PTFE
Type of Fiber chopped fiber PPS Metax P84 PTFE
Scrim PPS Metax P84 PTFE
Weight (g/m2) >=500 >=500 >=500 >=500
Bursting Strength (N/cm2) >=400 >=400 >=400
Tensile Breaking Strength
(N/25mm) Warp >=1000 >=1100 >=1000 >=1100
Weft >=800 >=900 >=800 >=900
Permeability (cm3/cm2. s) 20~35 20~35 20~35 15~35
Service Temperature (centi-degree) <190 <200 <240 <260
Form Suitable for Dust Abatement pulsed, cantilever reverse flow high strength cleaning dust collector
Recommended Air Flow (m/min) 1.0-1.6