Sell High temperature vacuum tube collector

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(Direct Current Heat Pip tube)
The tube has
1, vacuum and direct current,
2, selective coating
3, heat pipe in it,
The tubes working temperature 200-400
It just works for solar thermal power plants, Parabolic trough system, solar air-conditioner.
The dia. Has 100mm, 120mm, and the length has 1500mm, 1800mm,200mm

The solar mid-high utilization temperature system is developed by Huayuan new energy Project Company who is direct by the institute of electrical engineering Chinese Academy of sciences and Tsinghua University. The equipment has simple structure, installs conveniently, and the whole service life is about 20 years. the reflector is fixed on the ground, it is could not only sufficiently resists the wind and rain , but also has greatly reduced the cost of support construction of the reflector.