Sell High tenacity and high modulus PE fiber

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High tenacity and high modulus PE fiber, also called the Ultra High Molccular Werth PE(UHMWPE) fiber, was a kind of high technology high performance fiber came forth at the beginning of the 1990's. As one of the world three high technology fibers(carbon fiber, armaid and high tenacity and high modulud PE fiber) , UHMWPE fiber's tenacity is the highest one in all of the fibers nowadays as it's high molecular wight, high interlinking, high degree of orientation and high Crystallionity. It's tenacity is 15 times to high quality steel and 10 times to normal chemical fiber, This fiber also has the characteristics of low density, high modulus, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, outstanding anti-impace and anti-incision, etc. It also can be widly used in natioal defence weaponry, such as light weight high performance bulletproof plate and bulletproof hemet, soft bulletproof vest, anti-thrust vest. Other applicaton fields are composite material for aviation and spacefight and ocean shipping, rope for navy vessel, tow net for ocean halieutics, anti-stormy waves net bule water, sports equipment and construction reinforcement composite material.