Sell High teperature vacuum brazing furnace

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High teperature vacuum brazing furnace
Chief application: stainless steel plate-fin type oil-cooler, copper plate-fin type water-air intel cooler, high temperature alloy, hard alloy, ceramic etc.
7. Automatic program control, stable operation
8. Man-machine interface (option)
9. Uniform heating and cooling, even brazing seam of the welded workpieces.
10. Saving energy, non- atmosphere pollution
11. Many kinds of protective function, safe operation

Model Effective Working Dimensions Loading Capacity Maximum Temperature Temperature Uniformity Ultimate
Vacuum Pressure Rising Rate Control Mode
VHB-446 400W400W600mm 200kg 13000 <=150 2.6W10-3Pa <=0.6Pa/h automatic/manual
VHB-449 400W400W900mm 300kg 13000 <=150 2.6W10-3Pa <=0.6Pa/h automatic/manual
VHB-669 600W600W900mm 500kg 13000 <=150 2.6W10-3Pa <=0.6Pa/h automatic/manual
VHB-6612 600W600W1200mm 600kg 13000 <=150 2.6W10-3Pa <=0.6Pa/h automatic/manual
VHB-7712 700W700W1200mm 800kg 13000 <=150 2.6W10-3Pa <=0.6Pa/h automatic/manual
VHB-8812 800W800W1200mm 1000kg 13000 <=150 2.6W10-3Pa <=0.6Pa/h automatic/manual