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Product Description:
SAMSUNG (Electro-Mechanics) mid/high voltage MLCC products with C0G(NP0) and X7R temperature characteristics are designed for commercial and industrial applications up to DC 3 KV, including power supply and voltage multiplier circuits applications. The specially-designed internal and external structures are capable of enhancing high voltage performance of chips. Various sizes and voltage ratings are available for corresponding capacitance ranges.

Porduct Feature:
- Highly reliable performance
- High withstanding voltage
- Wide voltage level : from 100V to 3000V
- Tape & reel surface mount assembly

Product specification:
Temperature Characteristics: COG,
EIA Case Size: 0603 to 2220
Capacitance Values & Rated Voltage:
--COG(0.5 pF to 68 nF, Vdc : 100 to 3000 V)
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