Sell High voltage frequency converter

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SB-HV series high voltage frequency inverter is widely used in electro-power, metallurgy, petro-chemical industry, cement, water supply, iron&steel and so on.


1. High-to-high transform
2 Special wind channel design for Air cooling
3 Unit modularization design.
4 Friendly interface
5 Reliability
5.1 Optic fiber used for communication between units and controller.
5.2 Redundant hot-spare design of units.
5.3 PLC used for monitoring.
5.4 IGBT, rectifierand filter capacitors in main circuit have high quality.
6 Flexible user interface can be configured in hard-wiredway or communication way.
7 High efficiency, high power factor Machine efficiency> = 98%, power factor> = 95%
8 Low harmonic When six units are cascaded in each phase, 36-pulse rectifier is applied for each phase. High-frequency carrier ratio makes output harmonic <4% when no-load, <2% when loading.
9 Wide voltage input range HVF runs reliably with input voltage fluctuating from 85% to 115%, frequency from 45Hz to 55Hz .
10 Small dv / dt
11 Module redundant hot-spare technology
12 Unique unit bypass technology
13 Line voltage auto-balanced technology
14 Instantaneous power-down without interference
15 Dual-power switch for control circuit
16 A unique over-voltage protection technology
17 Bypass cabinet (optional)
CE ISO9001&3A2000 14001