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Inhaled in the scene that mixes details and ornaments to the simplicity of the "elegant being", the collection Aveto Lucca autumn-winter 2006 is invaded by the perpetual sensation of the return of hits pasts, showing a continuity of applied romantic accessories in a very sensual beauty. The mark chooses classic tones, as the crayons in brown, beige, ice and black color composing them it the mix of colors of the urban winter and chic: the purple one, the lilac, the green and the wine in soft, but specials combinations, as worked bronze and the gold in old metals. The wall lamps gain space with prominence.
Together to the return of the lived fashion already, the look create contemporary experiences, in the constructions of lines in different formats and the flexibility of fine jumps and the other most robust ones. The accessories applied to the models Aveto Lucca devote in fashion business and the preference of choice of the women finest. The quality of the leather used with beauty is recognized in each model, that if differentiates for the cuts and clippings, that modulate its finishing.
Some products special deserve prominence for its singularity.
-The boot of average pipe enlace by crossbred leather skin, projected to seduce. The soft leather attracts the touch and the comfort.
-The models with chain wall lamps and little rocks, in tones of bronze and old gold, are parts exclusively created for the night of the dreams.
-The fine peaks and jumps are presented as classic renewed and come to the pairs: in the shoes, the boots, the sandals.
-To relax of the fine and high jumps, it believes the good-tempered force of a more robust jump. More comfort - and same sophistication - you to always shine

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