Sell Himalayan Rocksalt (Crystalline)

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We feel proud to let you know that we are one of the largest manufacturer/processor of Himalayan Rock salt. The company owns its ISO 9001:2000 production unit in India.

We supply premium grade Rock salt to the wholesale, retail, and consumer markets in many countries. Our customers range from individuals who order by the pound, to manufacturers, restaurants, food co-ops, and health food stores, who order by the pallet. Now company has planned to expand its business and to develop well-built marketing network hence we require distributors for any state/country. Enquires for distributorship are solicited.


Himalayan rock salt meets the standards of the Codex for food. This Rock Salt is tested several times in the German Institute for Food, Water and Environment (i. e. Institut for LWU (Lebensmittel - Wasser - Umwelt) , in Neurenberg, Germany. At this moment this Institute checks most Crystalline Rock Salts in Europe and comes as close to an independent certificate of approval as is possible at present. Out of 18 samples only this Salt meets standards for people in terms of frequency, potency, taste and effects, and of course the fact that the Salt has not been won by using dynamite in the mines. Only two Salts proved excellent to be used in the body.
Rock salt found from Himalayan mountain range is best in its range. Rock salt from the Himalayas is completely absorbed in our body cells due to the unique structure of its crystals, originated by the very specific geo-tectonic processes in the Himalayan region. Rock salt is one of the best natural salt which is used in daily life.

Our strict commitment to quality ensures that our customers will receive only the cleanest, most natural products possible. We invite you to compare our quality and discover the difference our dedication to superior products makes.

Feel free to inquire about rocksalt. (Detailed report on rocksalt will be available on request) .