Sell Hiv Recombinant Antigen

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recombinant Antigen , can used in Elisa, Rapid Test kit and Research. ecombinant Antigen Peroxidase Conjugate , can used in Elisa and Research. for example:i6011:recombinant Antigen Of Gp41
i6021:recombinant Antigen Of Gp120+gp41
i6031:recombinant Antigen Of Gp36
i6041:recombinant Antigen Of P24
i6051:recombinant Multi-epitope Chimeric Antigen Of Gp120+gp41+gp36
i8011:recombinant Antigen Peroxidase Conjugate Of Gp41+hrp
i8021:recombinant Antigen Peroxidase Conjugate Of Gp36+hrp