Sell Hollow steel sections

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Structural steel

OSP developed new series of product in order to answer customers structural steel needs.

Hollow sections

C channel

Z section

C leap channel

Z leap channel

U rib

Hat section


OSP Cold formed steel sections enables customer to optimize steel usage, reduce welding joints and so to impact positively project cost. Our products are suitable for many kinds of industries.

The advantages of OSP structural steel
Continuous long length from 6m to 25 m

Large thickness: 5mm to 20 mm

High tensile steel grade

Possibility to develop customized sections

Products applicable to various kinds of industries

In addition to sections proposed above, OSP offers possibility to develop tailor made solution product by rolling non standard shape, complicated steel section to answer customers specific needs.

For further information regarding applications for which this section applied, or dimensions and quotation please contact us directly.
Brand Name
Oriental Sheet Piling
Model Number
Hollow sections