Sell Holtek 8bit Micro processor

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The HOLTEK series is primarily the 8/16 bits micro controller IC, also in the micro controller peripheral IC.

Includes internal clock (HT48XX)
Industrial standard-400 to +850
Up to 56 I/O (HT48XX)
Highly anti-noise, Highly anti-static Supports UART (HT48XX)
Wide voltage operation 2.2V to 5.5V Supports I2C (HT46R2X , HT46R47)
OTP/MASK compatible
Supports USB , PS/2 (HT82XXX )
Up to 4 - 8 bits PWM output (HT46XX )
USB1.1 compatible for all low-speed applications (HT82XXX)
Up to 160 LCD pix display (HT46XX )
Up to 6 channels 8 bits A/D converter (HT46XX)
Up to 8 channels 10 bits A/D converter ( HT46XX )

Applicable for consumer electronic products, LCD electrical appliances, automobile peripherals, computer peripherals and so on .