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1- telephone alarm-) 4 lines telephone autoalarm, can inform host's mobile telephone.2- wireless connections -) wireless connections between the host computer and detector, simple and convenient to expand. 3- cut line and alarm-) It will cause the on-the-spot alarm if the robber destroys the telephone wire. 4- password protecting-) set up the system by password5- extension alarm-) Can send out the alarm signal by the extension telephone.6- long-range control -) can control host computer by telephone7- long-range monitor -) can monitor spot by telephone 8- Emergency alarm -) remote controller include emergency button9- Power off prodection -) The product that set up function in advance will not be affected in the power failure. 10- alarm priority -) No matter what line is busy, host will have had priority to give an alarm when the alarm situation takes place.11- Delay time and set up defences -) Can delay time and enter working state in some time after the host computer opens 12- subarea arm-) Can set up a part zone effectually by remote
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safe guard
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safe guard
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