Sell Home Ozone Air Purifier (TY800B)

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This product is CE/EMC certified
Compliance from SGS (Taiwan).
Patent No.: ZL 98 2 18727.0

Help you to possess high quality water and air
Eradicate bacteria which are contained in the air;
Oxidize and eliminate bacteria and pesticide which are contained on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Water and Air Purifier
Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, aquariums, hotel rooms, restaurants and improving all kinds of water quality.

1.Oxidize and eradicate bacteria and chemical composition rapidly.
2.Dispel pesticide which are contained on the surface of fruits and vegetables efficiently.
3.Exterminate mildews which are contained in the kitchen equipments and deodorize stale and foul odors in the kitchen.
4.Unique design for both water and air usage.
5.Modern and graceful appearance.

1. Model No.: TY-800B
2. Voltage: AC 120V/240V
3. Rated Power Dissipation : 15W
4. Timer Setting: 15 min. / 30 min.
5. Size : L212 x W466 x H280 mm
6. Weight : 1930g
7. Ozone Output: 100 PPM
8. Noise : Less than 45dB (A)
9. Output pressure: More than 0.25 Kg / cm2
10. Operating Temperature 0 - 40 degrees celcius
Brand Name
CE and EMC
Model Number
Power Requirements
120/240V 50/60 Hz
Patents or Trademarks
Patent No.&3A ZL 98 2 18727.0
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