Sell Home Textiles

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Our main products

1- duvet covers 2  pillow cases 3  Table cloths 4  placemats
5  Bed sheets 6  cushion covers 7  curtains 8  Throws 9  Apron
10  Glove 11  Pot holders 12  Table runner 13  Bread basket 14  chair bad 15  Laundry bag 16  napkins 17  kitchen towels 18  Rugs
19  Carpets 20  Fabric rolls 21  Bath ropes 22  Terry towels 23  facecloths 24  Coverall 25  Tea coasters 26  Hammock 27  Accessories in wood, Leathers & Natural fibers

Why Raziiaa

1  All ways on time delivery. Till now we have not missed even a single delivery over this year.
2  Quick & clear communication in English
3  Understanding of buyer needs in design, quality, packaging
4  Capable designing team, which consistently updates them selves with new trends and developments of the western& U. S. markets . which also offer new designs continuously.
5  Assist in singing of vendors agreements and contracts
6  Execution of export orders and inspection of goods
7 - Developments of new products as per design & packing of our buyers

Reasonable pricing comparing to other Indian manufactures. For any clarifications pls do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanking you

Yours truly
S. Abash