Sell Home Vegetable and Fruit Ozone Sterilizer (YL-S320)

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Model No. YL-S320
Rating Voltage AC110, AC220
Power consumption 12 W
Dimensions 190*130*56mm
Ozone output: Hi/Low: 100 / 300mg/h
Pump Pressure 3.5L/min
Timer control: 0 ~ 90 min
Ozone Discharge Style Stainless steel pipe
Noise <45dB
Net Weight 650 g
Gross Weight 950 g

(1) Purifies water: Can decompose the heavy metal, and remove the sulfide, bacteria and carcinogen in the tap water.
(2) Cleans fruits and vegetables: Can decompose pesticide, fertilizer distributor; Besides, it can keep fruits and vegetables fresh.
(3) Cleans meat, fish, shrimp and shellfish: Can eliminate the hormone and antibiotic, and kill bug and pathogen.
(4) Washes dishware: Ozone released to the water can efficiently prevent disease infection.

(5) The ozone released to the water can be used to wash face, hands and for shower: Can prevent and cure the dermatosis; Besides, it can be used to brush teeth to avoid halitosis and teeth disease.
(6) Washes baby products such as towel and underwear.
(7) Purifies air: Can decompose the bacterial, lampblack and peculiar smells.
(8) Sterilizes the air and kills the bacteria in the air: Can be uses for the chicken farm, poultry house, bed room, office, bath room, kitchen, hotel, and hospital.
(9) Eliminate peculiar bad smell and many kinds of impurities such as bacterium and heavy metal ions.

Packing Box: 265*200*90mm
Provide OEM service
Brand Name
M Fresh
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units
Power Requirements
AC 110-240 VOLTS
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
650 g