Sell HomePNA Switch & CPE

HomePNA Switch & CPE
HomePNA Switch PLS-8820 / PLS-8821 is dedicated for service providers that would like to provide cost-effective wideband Internet access services.

Robustness is the aim for the design due to the nature of HomePNA technology in the noisy environment of application. Even in the environment with cross-talk noise, robust design will enable the switch to survive with acceptable throughput. The switch is also a manageable, scaleable and upgradeable solution that helps service providers to provide wideband internet services to the public at relitively low investment.

Both PLS-8821 and PLS-8820 have 14 10Mbps HPNA ports, 2 Fast Ethernet ports, and 2 console ports. PLS-8821 provides the capability of remote network management.