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Homeopathic Globules made from pure pharma grade sucrose (blank sugar pills) in best quality avilable of all sizes. These pills are use by Homeopathic Doctors for adding dilutions in it.
These pills are only supplement for talking homeopathic medicines.

These medicines are taken like
Homeopathic medication is usually given in globule form (small pellets) or liquid administered in dropper form. The globules are taken under your tongue (sublingual doses) and allowed to dissolve. Never touch the homeopathic globules, shake them out into the lid of the container and drop them under your tongue. Your practitioner will explain to you what constitutes your dosage regimen. Try and avoid eating or drinking (except water) one half hour before and after taking the remedy. Certain other substances should be avoided altogether when taking homeopathic remedies. They may possibly alter or counteract the action of the medicine.

Try and avoid the following when taking the prescribed medication:

7 coffee
7 mint (do not brush your teeth within a few hours of taking the medicine)
7 camphor (chap stick, noxema, tiger balm)
7 raw onions/garlic (avoid within a few hours of taking the medicine)
7 as a general rule of thumb, avoid all things that leave a residual taste in your mouth for the duration of you medication (ask your homeopath for clarification)

Store the medication in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight and electrical or microwave currents. Take a remedy only for the length of time instructed by your practitioner. A remedy will continue to work for a period of time after it has been taken (something similar to time-release) .
Brand Name
Om Globules
Supply Capacity
30000 Units
Available Colors
Cristal White
Minimum Order Quantity
2000 Units
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Terms of Sale
FOB India
Warranty Coverage
6 Months
1 Pound