Sell Homeplug 85Mbps Ethernet Bridge Adapter

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The TATUNG TPLC-85 PowerLine
10/100 Bridge offers a complete Internet connection solution for your home powerline network. The PowerLine Bridge makes sharing your broadband access easier than ever. Build a strong and simple-to-use home network by taking advantage of the most pervasive home networking medium ?Powerlines.
The PLC Network Device can support rapid, cost-effective installation of the network services. You can easily access the Internet, Multi-player gaming, Audio streaming, VOIP communication, Security IP Camera monitoring, and File transfer at the same time. It uses the existing power line as data transmission media to guide the home networking into the house.
TATUNG TPLC-85 PLC Ethernet bridge offers the simple and easy installation solution for your home networking environment. It plugs straight in to any existing wall electrical socket while having a low power consumption. The household electricity meter serves to block out unwanted access from the outside. Security is offered by activating the DES encryption