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This machine is our product newly developed by technology from Germany, it is refer to the mixer of the Germany specialty technology which have the accurate date theory, ensure the tiptop cut off frequency, the least disperse grain, the preeminence quality.
Working Process:

The cutting wheel on main shalft drove by running motor imposes the material a high centrifugal speed. Subject to the cut off, lash and mixing process caused by the interaction between the running cut wheel and the fixed cut sheath, the materials were cut off in the cut slot and broken into small spellets can be accomplished within a short time.


The mixer, with manual/hydraulic lift mechanism and suit for moveable installation, is easy to operate. The mixer costs you less and makes you big profits and can be used to operate on a variety of materials. It can not only be used sparately but also be used in combination with other equipment. Staintess steel is used to prevent the mixer from being corroded by erosion materials. And with the seal sleeve on the main shaft, the miner is capable of working in vacuum, while it is being cooled by water during operation.


Cosmetics, emulsion, bath, shampoo, ointment, toothpaste, oil, perfume, beeverage, pharmaceuticals, coating, and adhesive.
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30 days
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LR Series
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1 year