Sell Honey & Roayl Jelly

Honey & Roayl Jelly You May Also Be Interested In: acacia honey flower pollen honey jelly lyophilized royal jelly royal jelly powder
1. Royal jelly
a) Fresh royal jelly
b) Lyophilized Royal Jelly powder
c) Lyophilized Royal Jelly tablet
d) Royal jelly powder capsule
f) Royal jelly soft capsule

2. Honey
a) Acacia Honey
b) LA Honey
c) White Honey
d) Multiflower honey

in iron drum(290kgs)
in jar(125g, 500g, 1000g, etc. )
in plastic drum(10kgs, 15kgs, etc. )

3. Propolis
a) Propolis 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%
b) Propolis tablet: 250mg, 300mg
c) Propolis powder capsule: 250mg, 300mg
d) Propolis soft capsule 500mg

4. Pollen
a) Multiflower pollen granule,
Multiflower pollen powder,
Multiflower pollen tablet

b) Rape flower pollen granule,
Rape flower pollen powder,
Rape flower pollen tablet

c) Tea flower pollen granule,
Tea flower pollen powder,
Tea flower pollen tablet

d) Sunflower pollen granule,
Sunflower pollen powder,
Sunflower pollen tablet

e) Pepo(Zi gua) pollen granule
Pepo(Zi gua) pollen powder
Pepo(Zi gua) pollen tablet

f) Corn pollen granule
Corn pollen powder
Corn pollen tablet
g) Cellwall Broken Pollen Powder
Mixed Pollen Powder
Mixed Pollen tablet

5. Beeswax
a) Refined Yellow beeswax
b) Refined White beeswax
c) Beeswax granular
d) Beeswax plate
e) Beeswax foundation
f) Beeswax candle
g) Beeswax foundation candle with lampwick

6. Lyophilized Queen Larvae powder
Lyophilized Queen Larvae capsule
Lyophilized Drone pupa powder
Lyophilized Drone pupa capsule
Royal Jelly & Ginseng oral liquid
Bee medicine