Sell Honey

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Honey is a familiar health product in our daily life. It is made from the nectar collected by bees from many different flowers. The bees store the nectar in their hive, in the concentrated form of honey, mainly for their own food.

Acacia honey, Linden honey, White honey, ELA honey, LA honey, Amber honey, Buckwheat honey

Moisture 18% max.
Sucrose 5% max.
Reducing sugar 70% min.
Diastase 8.3 min.
HMF 20 ppm max.
CDF 10ppb max or not detected
C13 -23.5 max.

Package:290 kg in an iron drum

Storage and Shelf life
Store in cool and dry place.
Keep away from direct light and heat.
1 year when properly stored.

Promote energy and vitality
Effect on coughing
Dressing wounds and burns to keep them sterile and promote healing.
Alleviate constipation

For direct consumption
Honey can be mixed with Fresh Royal Jelly and herbal powder as dietary supplements.
Honey can also be used as natural cosmetics by mixing it with fresh royal jelly, pollen and egg white.