Sell Hopper Dryer, plastic drying machine

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The hopper dryers of RDM series are quick-drying equipments for non-hygroscopic plastics and rubber. They can dry the humidified raw material caused by packing, transportation and retrieving. The equipment is best to be directly installed on the plastics or rubber molding machine. It is quick to install and it can save space. For all types of the equipments, the 24-hrs timer is availble as option.
The characteristics of the equipment:
(1) Nice design and appearance
(2) Hot wind extending device in high efficiency and distributing evenly so that high drying efficiency is achieved
(3) Special bend design guarantee hot wind coming in a smooth way. Convenient for maintenance
(4) The hopper and the internal parts are made of stainless steel
(5) As the hopper body is separable from the bottom part, it is very convenient to clean the hopper so that it is quick to add another material
(6) Overheat protection device to reduce the accidents caused by human being or mechnical breakdown
(7) Main power source switch for safety purpose
(8) Magnetic base and normal base with transparent window for options