Sell Horizontal Continuously Automatic Foaming Product Line

Horizontal Continuously Automatic Foaming Product Line
Main use
This product line is mostly used for producing soft PU foam (density is about 8~50kg/m3) . It has many merits, such as the high automation level, the low-cost production, the simple operation and so on. It is the moat desirable equipment to manufacture products of foam rubber in furniture, shoes, bra, electronic product, clothes, and automobile industry.

Oven length 18m
Side panel adjustment width 930~2300mm
Conveyer length 25m
Conveyer speed 2~6.5m/min
Foaming height 0.4~1.25m
Agitator's motor power 37kW
Total power 120kW
Production capacity 8~15ton/h
Machine weight 30ton
Machine external size (LWWWH) 62mW4.5mW3.7m
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