Sell Horizontal Packing Machine

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Choices for mutilple sealing types of international standard. Safety protection by
mutilple layers to keep products from penetration.
Visible during the packing , easy to learn the operation, convenient and quick to
adjust package size.
Packaging type for pouch is selective for 3 side 4 side sealing.
The main characteristics of equipment

1. Bag system:Bagging, , sealing and filling is relatively independent of the system, The
packaging can be adapted to different objects, package size and shape.
2. Product packaging system:Using heat sealing packaging materials (polyethylene,
multilayer composite coating) , the automatic bagging completed. measures such as
packaging filling and sealing process fully automated production facilities. Trilateral
closure pocket or bag is a four-sided flat closure. Use different forms of filling machine, and packaging different products.
3. Control System:PLC programmable computer controller VVVF inverter and so on, high
integration, the ability to control and reliable operation . Touch screen technology
enabled applications to operate machines more reliable and convenient . Photoelectric
sensor, encoder, the switches are close to the import of advanced sensors. Machinery and electronics integration has been a perfect performance.

Technical Parameter:
- Pouch Width 65mm-150mm
- Pouch Length 70mm-200mm
- Max Volume 280ml
- Speed 40-80 pouch/min.
- Accuracy <2.0%
- Reel 400mm
- Electricity Consumption 2.5KW
- Air Consumption 0.7cbm/min
- Weight 600KG
- Size (LxWxH) 2600mmx 970mmx2140mm