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Manure, compost, peat moss and other natural fertilisers all benefit your soil greatly.

Unfortunately however, their water and nutrient retention capacity is not that high and, with frequent watering, they quickly get broken down. In climates where frequent watering is necessary, large amounts of natural fertilisers are required in order to improve water and nutrient retention.

In addition, since frequent watering accelerates the rate of decomposition, you have to regularly re-apply fertilisers in order to maintain water retention capabilities. This is costly, time-consuming and labour intensive.

Many fertilisers such as manures, fish emulsions and composts have an unpleasant odour that, although harmless, is not desirable. ShoreGrow is odourless and is able to hold both water and nutrients over long periods of time. ShoreGrow also contains natural plant growth hormones that most natural fertilisers lack, so it has the added advantage of being able to accelerate plant growth.

Alginic acid is a flexible, jelly-like, natural compound found in brown seaweeds that has hydrophilic (i. e. 'water-loving') properties.

Southern African and Namibian brown seaweeds have very high Alginic acid contents  ShoreGrow contains up to 45%. On adding ShoreGrow to water, the chips swell up to 16 times their initial mass as the constituent Alginic acid absorbs water. As a result, when hydrated ShoreGrow chips are added to dry soil, the chips become water 'reservoirs' for thirsty plants, with water slowly released to plant roots by capillary action.

Alginic acid also carries a strong negative charge, and as a result ShoreGrow will act as a cation exchanger and chelating agent in the soil i. e. the ability of negatively charged particles in the soil to retain nutrient cations, which are then available to the plant roots. This increases overall soil fertility and nutrient availability to plant roots. Alginic acid is composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and is completely non-toxic.
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