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Shoregrow HLS-1

From seaweeds found in the cold, clean, pollution-free and nutrient-rich waters of the southern oceans comes the 100% natural and healthy cocktail for your plants and soil. ShoreGrow HLS-1 helps plants grow bigger, quicker and increases their quality and yield.

ShoreGrow is a 100% natural plant hormone growth stimulant with the ability to enhance your plants' growth and to increase crop yield and size.

A new environmentally friendly and biodegradable natural product derived from seaweeds - but without a strong seaweed odour when applied. A product that will save you time and money!

Improves Seed Germination

ShoreGrow increases seed germination success, reduces germination time, and increases seedling establishment, plant growth and survival.

Improves Plant Establishment and Growth

ShoreGrow increases plant size, leaf appearance, flowering intensity and lifespan.
Odour Free when Applied
All Sea Salts are removed
The maximum Alginic acid is retained during the process.
Buffers Soil pH and Temperature

Reduces Susceptibility to Fungal and Bacterial Attack

Plants grown with the addition of ShoreGrow are generally very healthy as they have a regular supply of water and nutrients and have a well-developed root and shoot system. In this "happy" state they are less susceptible to pathogen attack.

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5/10/20/1000 liters
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7 days
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