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ShoreGrow HPF-1 is a 100% natural, super absorbent soil conditioner, nutrient supplement and plant growth stimulant all in one! ShoreGrow is manufactured from Ecklonia Maxima seaweed; it is a new product for the horticultural market.

ShoreGrow HPF-1, re-hydrated with fresh water, swells up to 16 times its original size and acts as a water and nutrient reservoir thus reducing the amount of water required and retaining up to 80% of soil nitrates/nitrates. The gel (Alginic acid) produced in the soil will also retain any other nutrients that are present.

Over time the ShoreGrow HPF range will break down naturally into its biological constituents that act as 4food4 for plant growth.

ShoreGrow acts as a source of nutrients to growing plants. Plant and animal matter in the soil is broken down by bacteria and fungi (the natural soil decomposers) into nitrates/nitrites, phosphates, nitrogen, phosphorous potassium, etc. These are then taken up by the plant and used to promote growth/flowering, etc. Please see product specifications.

The release of nutrients into the soil is described as a 4flush4. The flush of nutrients released by the breakdown of ShoreGrow thereby acts as a fertiliser from a natural source. In many instances other commercial plant fertilisers are derived from chemicals or sectors of the petrochemical industry, and are certainly not `natural sources4.

By simply adding biological material that has the ability to shrink and swell with the soil moisture content, ShoreGrow decreases soil compaction by up to 5 times. This ensures that the plant roots can easily penetrate the soil to greater depths as well as helping to prevent the run-off of rainfall.
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