Sell Hospital ICU Central Monitoring System (G3)

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G3 central system for hospital using as follows:

Simultaneous display with multi 17" monitors;
Each screen can display 8 bedside monitor's information with 3 kinds of display mode;
Display of multi waveforms (ECG, RESP, PLETH, CO2, IBP. ) and multi parameters (HR, ST, SpO2, PR, RR, TEMP, SBP, DBP, MAP, in CO2, etc. ) ;
72-hours trend storage and printable information for each patient;
ECG waveform storage with printable information.

Setup and alarm
Operating menu with multi-language selection alarm limit, switch and status of each monitor can be setup by central monitoring system central monitoring system can be setup its own audio and visual alarm limit control;
ECG lead of each monitor can be changed in central monitoring system;
NIBP measurement on each monitor can be controlled by central monitoring system.

Support long distance monitoring and diagnosis adaptive network connection for RS-232C or Ethernet wireless and or wire networking.