Sell Hot Air Blowers for Confectionary Industry

Hot Air Blowers for Confectionary Industry
Specially Designed Hot Air Blowers for Heat setting the twist portion of the wrapper(BOPP) online during the cut and wrap operation in any candy / manufacturing plant. This enables the manufacturer to get a very fine quality of twist and there by a well secure candy/lollypop which in turn provides good hyeigne and improved marketability , even while employing cheaper grades of wrapping paper . Almost 100 % of Indian confectionery industry employs our hot air blowers of various models mentioned below.
1) . TWM-600 W - Energy Efficient Twin Nozzle Hot air Unit for double twist candy cut and wrap machine. These units are being used in almost all Indian companies and we are the pioneers in these products and we hold patent rights too.
2) . TWMS-450W for single twist cut and wrap machine
Both these versions are totally stand alone type and have inbuilt Heater, inbuilt Air Blower, and an incoming voltage regulator to reduce the output heat if desired.
Both these versions are completely made from SS 304 grade material keeping in mind the Hygiene, so desired in a food industry.
Both the heater and the Motor for the Air blower are continuous rating type and need very little attention once installed.
The units perform very well up to production speeds of 350pieces per min
The power requirements for the units is as follows
a) . TWM-600W- Double twist wrapping -- 560 watts/230 volts Heater , 40 watts /230 volts motor for Air Blower . Totally single phase. , 80 to 230 volts variable voltage controller. ( Temp of air at outlet will be about 350 deg cent )
b) . TWMS- 450 W Single twist Wrapping  410 watts/230 volts Heater , 40 watts/230 volts motor for air blower , Single Phase, 80 to 230 volts variable voltage controller. (Temp of Air at outlet will be about 350 deg cent)

3 TWM-800W. Twin nozzle Hot Air Blower for wrapping speeds up to 600 pcs per min. . Principle of working , being the same but with higher volume air outlet from nozzles to accept higher wrapping speeds.

Weight of the unit is about 5 kgs (Net)
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200 units Per month
Condition of Goods
20X 7X 9
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 Days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
5 Numbers
Power Requirements
240 Volts .110 Volts
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Secunderabad ,India