Sell Hot Filling 3-In-1 Monobloc (RXGF)

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This 3-in-1 monobloc integrates washing, filling and capping into one unit, can
Be used for filling of fruit juices/ tea detc. Hot xxxxx

1. Neck handling structure to be suitable for various bottle sizes, and it is easy to make bottle changing.
2. The new generation of stainless steel spring is used in the washing clamps, and the clamps have no contact with the area above the bottle screw. There aremany small holes in the washing nozzles, that can wash the whole area inside the bottle. The machine can wash both inside and outside of the bottles which guarantees a high cleanness of the bottles.
3. The advanced gravity filling technology is used in this machine. The filling is quick, steady and accurate.
4. This machine can meet all the technical requirements for hot drink filling, filling temp. From 80-92 celsius degree. All filling valves and product conducting pipes can be cleaned by CIP.
5. Magnetic torque is used for screw capping, the power of screw capping can
Be adjusted step-less. It can use constant power to screw capping the plastic caps.

6. Control by PLC and touch-screen which are from Mitsubishi, Japan. The cap feeding system can be controlled automatically, the filling temperature can be detected automatically, alarm system for the overheat of the product. The filling will be stopped when the product temperature is too low and the beverage will flow back. When no bottles available, the machine will be in waiting state, and no caps will be applied. When no caps available, or the bottles are jammed, the machine will stop automatically.
7. All parts that have direct contact with the beverages are made in SUS304
Materials the motors speed lowers, main bearings parts, electric parts
And pneumatic parts are purchased from international famous brands.