Sell Hot Melt Adhesive

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1.1 Composition: EVA
1.2 Application: For wood veneer, melamine, PVC edge banding, ABS edge banding to seal hard wood, chipboard or MDF
1.3 Characteristics: excellent initial adhesion, good thermal stability, good fluidity
1.4 Technical Data:
1.4.1 Apprearance:granule solid
1.4.2 Brookfield viscosity (204b??) /mPa. s:8000-10000cps
1.4.3 Soften point:105B15b??
1.5 Working conditions:
1.5.1 Machine : suitable for all automatic edge banding machines
1.5.2 Environmental temperature: =15b??
1.5.3 Material temperature: =15b??
1.5.4 Moisture Content of material : =10%
1.5.5 Glue-coated roller temperature:190-210b??
1.5.6 Adhesive groove temperature: 180-200b??
1.5.7 Machine pressure: 2.5-5kg/cm
1.5.8 Feed rate: =10m/min
Final conditions are subject to adjustment of different machines.
1.6 Operating suggestions:
1.6.1 Inspect surface of glue-coated roller frequently to remove the impurity and ensure uniform glue spread
1.6.2 Correct temperature difference of temperature control system frequently
1.6.3 Temperature shall be lowered by 40-50b?? at working gap
1.6.4 Glue-coated roller shall be set at 205b?? while environmental and material temperature are near 15b??
1.6.5 Hot melt adhesive that hasnb??t been used is to be seal storage to avoid being polluted and moisture absorbing
1.7 Packing:25kg/bag(in green bag)
1.8 Storage:kept in shady, cool and dry warehouse, sun-screen, fireproof, heat protection, moisture proofo<?and can keep for at least one ***** product belongs to non-dangerous goods