Sell Hot Mp3-MP4 player 512mb

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Metal Housing/Nano glass surface/ultra slim body design

1) Metal Housing/Nano glass surface/ultra slim body design
2) 6-in-1 function:
a) MP4 Player
b) MP3 player
c) USB flash drive
d) Digital voice recorder
e) A-B repeat
f) Digital FM tuner (preset 30 channels)
3) 96 x 64 65K color OLED, can play zipped film with
high quality picture
4) E-photo Album function
5) E-book function
6) MP3 file and Windows Media Audio (WMA) file
7) Languages: Simplified Chinese, Complicated Chinese, English
8) ID3 tag display
9) Standard flash disk function, support USB mass storage
10) Built-in Microphone. Super long time digital voice recording
11) Power-saving setup
12) Brightness and contrast adjustable
13) Auto power-off
14) Multi sound equalizer
15) Built-in Li-ion battery with charging status indicator
Color:red, blue, silver
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
Built-in rechargeable battery
Terms of Payment
T/T, Western Union
Warranty Coverage
2 years from the day receiving the products