Sell Hot-melt coating machine

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Suitable for coating and rewinding OPP film adhesive tape, masking tape, kraft paper, double-side fabric, fabric base and medical use, shoes and cloth and other this kind of material.
* Suitable for coating of the whole material and strip coating. Adopting domestic or imported coating. Accurate for the quantity of coating, coating for both face and back, also could has function of compounding.
* Adopting computer control technology to keep a synchronous glue spraying rate with production rate.
* Adopting advanced melt coating system, or coating controlling system on the working line, edge coating controlling system , accurate double deck gear pump to control, high precision of coating.
* Using electricity , hot oil for cycle heating, output system has heat preservation of insulation type, or heat medium heating, accurate controlling of temperature.
* Manual drive for rewinding and unwinding, auto tension controlling system . frequency conversion stepless adjustable driven by synchronous tooth-like belt with smooth running.