Sell Hot-rolled flat steel products

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Hot-rolled flat steel
Specification: The production line for hot-rolled flat products is the most advanced in our country, designed to produce all kinds of specification of hot-rolled flat products, its thickness ranging from 6mm to 30mm, and width from 150mm to 600mm. The output is 900,000 tons each year.
Advantage: The products have excellent shape, straightness, and verticality on the two sides, which are ideal replacement of middle plate and hot-rolling plate because of high material utilization rate and characteristic of having no use to be cut. The products have achieved ISO9001 certification and Europe CE certification, that shows the quality of our products have been recognized by international professional organizations.
Use: The products are mainly used in the steel structure manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, auto industry, mining machinery, crane machinery, screw type welding pipe, cold rolling steel belt and other industries.