Sell Hot welding packing machine

Hot welding packing machine
1. characteristic:

It's integrated with fully automatic membrane supply steepping , implanting, putting card, delivering card, sealing and separating card into one machine.
Unique membrane feeder structure to ensure high stability and high security during deliver membrane.
Transmission used Key chain , servo membrane, can improve accuracy of cards sending, and reliability.
Hot welding, sealing solid welding profile clear.
Independent sub-card devices, according to regulate the thickness of the cards Pagination wheel, separate card uniform and to eliminate "one bag with two cards" phenomenon.
Using high-definition color touch screen control panel, simple operation, easy maintenance and high-speed stability. And low price!
2. Technical parameters:

Outer dimension : 3350 x 1850 x 950/mm
Weight : about 750kg
Supply voltage : AC220V 50HZ
Power :2100W
Air pressure : 6kg ~ 7kg/cm^ 3
Packing material : Various material card at the thickness during 0.25mm-0.35mm
Folding width : 120cm
Material Standard : ISO Standard
Work speed : max 7000pcs/hour
Worker : 2 persons