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*Perfect Key Management function
The locks totally has fourteen smart cards which divided into five levels. Different administrators have different authority to open the lock, which increase the security. Even if there is something wrong with the lock or the software and can not issue card, the administrator can use the spare card to open the lock for the guest, which provide convenience.
Five levels of the card:
Administration Level: CEO card, Manager card
General Control Level: General control card, Emergency card
Subsidiary Level: Foreman card, Floor card, Meeting card, Cleansing card,
Control Level: Terminate card, Time card, Check-out card, Data Card
Guest Level: Guest card, Spare card

*Perfect Unlock Record and Inquiry function
The lock can completely record all the information of unlocking, including Card type, Card number, Card condition, Name, ID No, Issue time, Check-out time, Unlock time. Furthermore, it can record the unlock information by mechanical key. Still, hotel manager can inquiry the records with the Data Card. This increase the administration level of the hotel.

*Automatic Time Control function
It can identify automatically the time of the card. When client card is overdue, it can terminate the client card and the client can not unlock the door.

* Emergency function
In case of electronic trouble or fire alarm, the lock can be opened by mechanical key, which guarantee 100% unlock rate.

* Inside Force Locking function
After the client enters the room, he can force locking the door with Mechanical force locking and electronic force locking, which provide security.

*Power: 6V/9V
*Static State: < 12mA
*Working Humidity: 20%-80%*Dynamic State: 150mA-250mA
*Interface function: can be connected with all countries hotel management system software.
*Anti-static: > 15000V
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