Sell Hotel Card Key Switch, Energy Saving Switch, Card Holder

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For hotel card key switch, we have four types (minimum order quantity is 200 pcs per item) :

SK-ES2000N: one kind of card key switch insert any card for power. The principle is a card(any card) to obstruct the senser enabel get electrical power or load.

SK-ES2000RF:Insert Contactless RF T5557 card for power. Operate frequency: 125K

SK-ES2000M1:Insert Contactless Mifare one S50 Card for power. Operate frequency:13.5M

SK-ES2000MN:Insert Magnetic Card for power.

Which kind of energy saving switch you want ? And the quantity ? Then we can give you the freight cost from china to

your country.

SPEEDKEY is professional manufacturer for Hotel Card key switch, Hotel Doorbell system,
Dimmer touch panel switch, light control touch panel switch, Room thermostat touch panel

switch, Background Radio touch panel switch and so on.

All our products are intelligent creation ideal for star hotel, office building,

smart house and so on. For more technical information, pls review our :


Now enclosed our product list for your reference.

Any comment by return will be much appreicated.

Pls note that our Touch Panel Swith fit for BS4662 square wall box.

And all Touch Panel Switch has to be connected with live wire, neutral wire and earthing wire.

Main Feature for SPEEDKEY Touch Panel Switch (Stand-alone)

1. Touch-Type button to control. Only to touch the surface glass you can control the lights

2. LED backlight indicator, easily locate the position of switch even in the dark. For Thermostats, there is LCD indication.

3. Can be controlled by our IR Remote

4. For light control, there is master off function

5. For light control, there is master off with time-delay(count down) .

6. Easy installation and operation

7. Guarantee quality.

Looking forward to your reply.
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