Sell Hotel Energy-saving switch

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Contactless Keycard Energy-saving switch
Card type: RF card, model: TEMIC5557, TEMIC5567
Working voltage: AC 180-250V (other voltage available)
Maximum Load Working Current: 30A
Maximum Load Power: 6600W
Static consumption: 0.8W
Delay Time: About 12 Seconds
No-working Situation: Indicate in re
Cover Material: Anti-fire PC
Color: Ivry white, Glod frame, Siliver frame, Gold, Silver, Blue.
Dimension: 85 (L) x 85 (W) x 41 (D) mm
FIRSTWELL Energy Saving Switch, is special designed for hotel to save energy and keep safty.
With our Energy Saving Switch, hotel guest should insert his key card in the switch to make power on, so that electric device will work ( Illumination, Air- Conditioning, TV etc. ) , When guest leave room, take out his key card from the switch ( he must take out key card,
otherwise he will not entry again) , 12 seconds later, power off, in this process, power saved, and more safe since no power.
Econimic Analysis of Energy Saving Switch (under Standard situation)
Air Condition: 1000W
TV: 120W
Desk Lamp: 40W
Bedside Lamp: 25W x 2
Mirror Lamp: 20W
Floor Lamp: 25W
Head Lamp: 25W
Total power: 1280W = 1.28KW
Ivry white looking, adopt imported Anti-fire PC material, with high security bility.
Suitable for hotel RF lock key card, TEMIC5557, TEMIC5567. with RF card smart
identification technology, only TEMIC5557 and TEMIC5567 will work on switch, other cards will not work, this ensured power saving.
3. 12 seconds delay time after take out card, sufficent time for guest to leave room.
4. Good looking and more color for hotel choice.
5. Special cable connection technology to ensure working stable.
6. High quality parts to ensure stable working. Imported power rely output electrical current 30A.
Imported sensor with long working life.
Imported CPU ensure high working efficiency and security.