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1. Working Modes: Networked for Hotel or Standalone for Home (Office) ;
2. Card Type: IC Card (SIEMENS4442 Card) ;
3. Standard Five-latch Mortise;
4. Unique PCB Antenna (Printed Circuit Board) ;
We adapt Laser Technique to engrave inductive coil on PCB (printed circuit board) , which merged into one, so it has high-quality and reliable function.
5. Unique Microwave Induction Technology
At present, most of manufacturers adapt Infrared technique, which is easy influenced by sunshine. Our RF lock adapts Microwave induction technique, which avoidthe unstabilizing factors. And lock adpats smart RF card, which has high-sensitivity and high reliability, and the RF card can open the door normally even though the card is in wallet.
6.16-bits CPU, more powerful function and higher efficiency than the traditional 8-bits CPU;
7. Unique decode circuit, with built-in two decode program, operation at will with no error of read card;
8. Unique lock-frequency tech, can ensure 125KHz frequency in voluntaries environment, read card with no infection by environment;
9. Level to Level Management with clear authority;
10. Extending Function:
Can be extended to be "One-card" management, such as Access control, Time& Attendance, Consumption system and Parking management system.
11. Adopt technical crystal of Japan, with high-quality component, high-quality product;
12. Automatic Time Control function
It can identify automatically the time of the card.
13. Emergency key.

1. Static Power Consume: <30uA
2. Dynamic Power Consume: <150mA;
3. The Alarming Volta: 4.8V
4. Read card time: <0.4 S
5. Card Type: IC Card (SIEMENS4442 Card)
6. Card life: 10 years
7. Fixing Door ply: 38mm-45mm
8. Communication frequency: 125KH
9. Door-opening records: 254 pcs (can be extended)
10. Voltage: DC 4.8-6.4V, 4*1.5V alkaline battery
11. Storage Temperature: -20~85
12. Working Temperature: 0~60
13. Working Humidity: 15~85%RH
14. Weight: 3.6kg
Available Colors
silver / gold
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
2-15 days
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