Sell Hotel Sauna Lock

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SN-100DC (SN-200DC) : One for one Independent Cabinet Sauna Lock
SN-100(SN-200) One for one Online Cabinet Sauna Lock
SN-400 : One for four Online Cabinet Sauna Lock
SN-600 : One for six Online Cabinet Sauna Lock

Independent Sauna Lock Features:
 Description: Low managing cost, central power control, Cable installation design easily, suitable for moderate packet management.
Independent cabinet lock, 1.5V DC or 1.5V battery 4 pcs.
No need to do the cable installation, and easy to install
 Suitable for moderate packet management
 Can select one-card opening or two-card opening
 Can select battery or electricity to supply power

On-line Sauna Lock Features:
 Low product cost: One reader can control multiple cabinets, this operation system reduces card cost and repeated circuit control cost
 Low operation cost: The first to adopt central power supplied module. It can save about US$2500 per 1000 cabinet locks because users do not need to change the common batteries.
 Convenient for Management: One-card opening or two-card opening can be controlled by jumper.
 Easy operation: Any user card can be automatically lead to the relative cabinet. User doesnt need to look for the cabinet by themselves.
Suitable for cabinet in large carnie, park, sauna room, file one-line office.