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RLEC-520B hotel lock

color : golden.
rated voltage : DC12V.
read card distance :0~20cm.
door thickness :40~50mm.
size :246W77W179mm
weight :3500g


1. RLEC Series RF Card Intelligent Hotel Lock consists of three parts: door locks, management software, and keycards;

2. Current latest 200pcs records can be stored in Black Box in the lock, which includes card holder, open type, card No. and open time, Max store 100 cards;

3. Adopt unique low consumption technology, static current can be ignored;

4. Set valid door open time, other time open door invalid, this make the guest could not default the charges;

5. Swipe card, one time to open to door by turnning the handle within 5s, or the lock will be locked again after 5s;

6. Control the lock by network, can open or close in groups at emergent condition;

7. Reliability:10,000 times continuous card inducting without trouble;

8. International standard five-latch mortise structure to guarantee the security management;

9. The secure and separate emergency mechanical key structurewithout any limit, can open the door even deadlock;

10. Adopt nanotechnology to make the lock surface polished; durable and anti-eroded;

11. Mechanical key: the secure and separate emergency mechanical key structure will allow the unlocking by the mechanical key in emergency.

Applicable scope:
RLEC Series RF Card Intelligent Hotel Lock is one of the most secure and intelligent hotel lock, which adopt intelligent technology, microcomputer technology and modern information technology and use high-stable Mifare-one card as the keycard. Micro-CPU located in the lock body, it is a high security, easily operated and convenient management advanced hotel lock. It is suitable for hotels, governments, modern buildings, office buildings, residential apartments and etc.
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