Sell House amplifier TUOLIMA TA803A -R & TA803B - R

House amplifier TUOLIMA TA803A -R & TA803B - R
Flexibility provided by changeable plug-in modules: passive RP-xx-01 and active RA-xx-01.
Changing of plug-ins without demounting the amplifier by easily removing the cover.
Supplied with plug-in links.
Push-pull output stage.
Built-in adjustable gain & slope regulators.
Metal plastic housing for indoor mounting.
Output test point.

Technical details
Frequency range Forward pass 47/87 - 862 MHz
Return pass 5-30/65 MHz
Gain 34 dB
Frequency response ?.5 dB
Gain adjustments 0-20 dB
Slope adjustments 0-18 dB
Maximum output level IMD3=60 dB (DIN45004B) 117 dB礦
Noise figure < 6 dB
Test point attenuation - 30 dB
Power consumption Mains powering 7 VA/230 V/50 Hz -
Remote powering - 5 VA/24-65 V/50 Hz
Dimensions/ Weight (packed) 102x145x53 mm/0.59 kg 102x145x53 mm/0.38 kg