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Huangshan brand dementholized peppermint oil, is one of the competitive products of Huangshan Tianmu Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. It is refined from pure natural menthol, and it was evaluated as a Fine Quality product by Anhui Province in 1984.
Color and Appearance: Slightly yellow clear liquid. Color No.6 Maximum
Odor: Having a characteristic odor of mentha avensis peppermint oil
Specific Gravity(20/20) :0.888-0.908
Refractive index(200) :1.4560-1.4660
Optical rotation(200) :-24o-17o
Solubilily:1 volume soluble in 3.5 volumes of 70% alcohol forming a clear solution.
Acid value(mg. KOH/g)1.0 maximum
Ester value (ester content) : 5.6-18.4(2.0 % -6.5 %)
Ester value after acetylating (equivalent to free alcohol content) :150(45.0 %) minimum
Total alcohol content: 50.0% minimum
Carbonyl compound content: 25.0-45.0%
Arsenic content (As) : 3ppm
Heavy metal (calculated as Pb) : 10ppm
2. Uses:It is widely used in medicine, food, toothpastes and cosmetics.
3. Storage:Store in closed containers. Keep in a dry place, avoid sunshine & rain.
4. Package:180kg/barrel, galvanized iron barrel 58cm(diagram) W90cm(high)
5. Quality Guarantee Term:9 months(Packing in galvanized drums) , 12months
(Packing in tins) (under the conditions of fulfilling the requirements of storage and transport, and that the packing is complete and sealed) .
Accord with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2000 edition. BP edition, USP edition, and the FCC edition.
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Huangshan Brand
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Slightly yellow
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