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Formula: NPK 3-1-3, 3-3-3, 8-2-8, 8-8-8, 10-10-10 + HA + FA + AA + TE
Contain a blend of NPK and micro elements for promoting the fertility of the soil.
Help micro organisms to produce polysaccharides which buile up better soil
structure, improves cation exchange capacity, provides better envirnment for root
development and aeration.
Release as growth regulators and auxins which stimulate plant growth and health by
encouraging microbial activity, nitrogen fixation and phosphorous solubilisation are
also increased due to enhanced microbiological activity.
Reduce the toxic effect of pesticides and control of plant nematodes, improve the
nurtitional and quality of the crop.
Slow released effect of residual humus material will be appeared obviously along
with year by year after application and sustain overall high crop yield.
Different NPK formula especially designed for different application and soil type.
Organic Matter 30-40%, HA 10-25%, FA 6%, AA 6%, NPK total 7-30%, Ca 3%, Mg 1.5%, Fe 1.5%
Recommending application
Basic fertilizer, NPK formula total below 15%, 1000kg-1200kg / ha, uniformly mixed with 20cm deepth soil, preferably apply before planting 15-20 days.
Top dressing, NPK formula total 15% up, 500kg-800kg / ha, preferably apply in early spring and late summer period depending upon local climate.
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