Sell Humic Acid

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Physical & Chemical Properties:
Black crystal or powder

Minimum guaranteed Ingredient:
HA>=60%, Organic matter>=70%
Packing: 20kgs/bag or required by customers

12. Name: Super Active Fulvic Acid(FA+HA) +K
Trait Black or brown powder, easy dissolve into water
Quality index HA(dry basis) >=60%, FA>=15%, Moisture<=10%, insoluble matter<=5%, K2O>= 8%
Specification Powder (0.2mm to 0.45mm) and Granular
Usage The product can be made into all kinds of foliar fertilizer, flushing-fertilizer, special purpose fertilizer and drought -resisting.
Package PP bag 20kg /bag
Feature It has good chemical and biological active, good hard water-resisting, it has strong work ability, but no metal-iron flocculation or deposit. It can dissolve into faintly acid and water whose PH is more than 4.
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30 days
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