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100% natural from substance of rich organic & humus as raw material after a series of biochemical reactions and chelated with organic trace elements actively. Can increase the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer in soil, regulate the growth of crops, strengthen photosynthesis, accelerate metabolism, quickly supplement nutrients, resist drought, increase ground temperature and fertilizer efficiency, resist reversion and continuous cropping, improve the quality of outputs. This product has a strong effect for preventing and resisting the soft rot, downy meldew and chlorotic disorder of vegetables, root rot, bacterial wilt and seedling rot of melon crops and the verticillium wilt and seedling blight of cotton. It can efficiently increase the blossom and fruit setting rates of greenhouse vegetables and fruit crops, make greenhouse vegetables become mature 10-15 days in advance and increase the yield generally by more than 30%. In flowering plants, the number of flower will increase, the flower stem will grow bigger, and the leaves and petal color will be more vivid.
Organic substance 50%, Humic Acid content 40%, Potassium Oxide content 18%, Si/Mg/Zn 3%
Recommended application
Irrigation & foliar spray: 1:1500-2000 dilute with water, irrigate or spray uniformly on both the front and back of the leaf blade thoroughly wet, dosage 1.5-2kg/ha per time, the best time for application is in the early morning or evening, can use after mixed with chemical fertilizer, neutral or acid pesticides.
Solanaceous vegetables: 3-4 times at seedling, flowering and fruit set stage, once every 10 -15 days based on different flowering and fruit set stage.
Leaf vegetables: 2-3 times at seedling and vigorous growth stage or early setting, once every 10 -15 days.
Wheat crops: 2-3 times at tillering, jointing and full spike stage.
Flower culture: 1-2 times in the floral initiation period. or mix 3-5g with surface soil once every 10-15 days in the growth period, reduced by half at the seedling stage. .
Lawns: once every 15 days or so after turfing.
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